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Are The Jellyfish Real?

Inevitably every time I am set up selling my hand blown glass pieces people ask, are they jellyfish real?  No they are not real.  They are hand blown glass inside and out.  There are many competitors out there stating that they sell real jellyfish in glass, DON’T believe them.  They just want to charge you triple the price just because you believe they are real.  There are real jellyfish encased in glass out there but they cost $1,400.  Jellyfish are made of 75% water and could not survive 2500 degrees molten glass.  The people that sell them as real jellyfish tell you a real convincing story but don’t believe them.  Here is a perfect example of someone selling the so called real jellyfish.  I was set up at the Durham Fair last year selling my glow in the dark hand blown glass and a gentlemen selling the so called real jellyfish that looked just like mine I might add, came up to my booth and was asking where we buy them from that he had the exclusive in the state of Connecticut, blah blah blah!!!  Within 24 hours he was calling me to ask if I would sell them to him wholesale.  Customers were really mad that they had just paid three times the amount I was charging and he was lying to them.  The moral of this story is unless you are paying $1,400 for a real jellyfish they are not real. The are just a beautiful piece of art that glows in the dark.


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  1. Do you carry LED 6 color changing base. If so please respond to me at I purchased a red glass jellyfish paperweight 4″ but the base is not functioning. Please let me know if you sell the base separately and its cost. Thank you.

    Comment by Bharat Agrawal | July 24, 2016 | Reply

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